Corporate social responsibility

Ethical code

Ethical code

The Company performs their own business in full compliance with the principles listed in this Code, convinced that observing the ethical principles in the economic and social relations is the instrumental condition in achieving success.

Company’s operational strategy and operational conduct are directed towards achieving the primary goal represented by the creation of an added value for the shareholder, pursued in compliance with the ethical principles of fairness, good faith, honesty, morality, equity, equality, impartiality, diligence, transparency, discretion, individual protection, protection of the environment and safety of work conditions.

The efficacy of the internal control procedures represents another essential element allowing the compliance with the ethical principles which this document is modelled on.

Some risks connected to the lack of integrity and ethical values are, for instance, the sabotage, activities aimed at reaching personal objectives, activities that favour short-term results, the commercial and marketing activities that may lead to unfair competition, falsification of accounts, money laundering, corruption and other criminal behaviours in the relations with the Public Administration, the failure to apply the accident-prevention, safety and work hygiene measures, the use of computer instruments as infringement of the regulations in force and of the specific Company’s internal procedures.

Considering those risks, a corporate culture intent on spreading and sharing ethical values may help. This Code and its possible amendments draw inspiration from – even though the respective Companies work in different fields – the guidelines of Trade Associations and are defined and approved by the Company’s Board of Directors.