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Bormioli Rocco is a Group structured in two Business Units, for a total of eight manufacturing plants. Its Headquarters is located in Fidenza (Parma), where the Executive Offices supervise, coordinate and integrate all the activities of the Group, ensuring consistency, efficiency and quality.

Joining Bormioli Rocco means to develop a passion for our world and to work learning and understanding the complexity of our business.

Thanks to our wealth of knowledge, experience and technology, we are proud to say that we are a leader in many markets of the world.

The passion and competence that our people use every day in their work allows us to look to the future with confidence, convinced that Bormioli Rocco will know how to take on the challenges to come.

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Staff by geographic area


Corporate functions

Human Resources
Human resources coordinates the activities of research, selection and insertion of personnel in the company. In addition, it manages the staff of the Group as regards activities of training and development, administrative management and professional evaluation system set-up, and wage and benefit policy instruments.
Administration and Finance
The Administration and Finance department performs an activity focused on the economic trend of the Group connected with the annual accounts, the fulfillment of tax liabilities, and to the constraints of an economic and financial nature.
In addition, it guarantees the timely and proper disclosure and registration of corporate economic and financial data.
Management Control
It is the duty of Management Control department to collect information concerning the operational plan and cash flow, structuring the budget and drawing up a business plan. In this department, moreover, periodic audits are carried out on financial statements, as well as analyses of deviation from the budget, both in terms of commercial budget and production, supporting the strategic decisions of individual businesses. Finally, this department draws up the reports addressed to shareholders and stakeholders.
Information Technology
The Information Technology department develops and manages the IT systems and the technological infrastructures of the Group’s activities, in order to improve processes, as well as the processing and sharing of information. Moreover, it promotes and manages the upgrading of IT tools based on  needs analysis, the design and conception of programs, in coordination with the executives of the various company areas.
It is the duty of the Purchasing department to ensure the procurement of raw materials, packaging, auxiliary goods and services, such as secondary processing, transport, CAPEX, maintenance and energy. Purchasing activities are carried out based on corporate quality and price policies .
Marketing and Trade Marketing
The objective of the Marketing area is to give value to the brands of the Group: it analyzes market needs and trends, it attends to product development, it defines marketing mix policies and strategies, it studies the product competitive positioning and product innovation projects (design, packaging, consumer targeting, advertising strategies). Furthermore, it deals with consumer promotion and trade marketing. Lastly, it manages communication, devising the most adequate actions by way of various communication means, events, relationships with the press and institutions, and with the support of social media.
The Sales department contributes to the growth of the Group by transforming development objectives into concrete actions, implementing the required initiatives of sales. Its task is to ensure a company-client relationship that is mutually satisfactory, to acquire new clients following the target market evolutions, to oversee sales networks and to elaborate annual plans that take sales volumes and margins into consideration.
Internal Auditing
Internal Auditing verifies the organization and functioning of the internal audit system, guaranteeing regulatory compliance and the governance process, ensuring respect of regulations in force and corporate procedures.
Logistics and Production  Scheduling
The Logistics and Production Scheduling area oversees the rational and verifiable flow of products, from suppliers to clients, managing the activities of reception of materials, production scheduling and secondary processing, and of product shipment from the viewpoint of continued improvement aimed at the fine-tuning of production activities and client satisfaction.
Industrial Operations
The Industrial Operations area manages, designs and coordinates all technical-production activities to ensure manufacturing efficiency, promoting continued improvement through the optimization of the production cycle.
Moreover, it develops new products in response to the needs of innovation and quality improvement, thus guaranteeing to the commercial department that adequate responses are given to market needs.
Safety and Environment
The Safety and Environment department guarantees the correct implementation of rules and regulations in force in the field of Environment, Health and Safety on the Workplace, seeing to the full compliance with rules, regulations, instructions, and corporate procedures, and to defining, implementing and updating processes and instruments aimed at the reduction of the number of injuries and occupational diseases, as well as the optimization of the conditions of environmental protection.
Quality Assurance and Technical Assistance
The Quality Assurance and Technical Assistance department ensures product compliance with the qualitative standards provided by national and international regulations and by corporate policies on Quality, interfacing with clients for questions relating to any non-conformity issues and complaints, contributing to the improvement of the level of client satisfaction.

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