Corporate social responsibility

Sustainability and Certifications

Glass and plastic are recyclable materials: this allows us to be sustainable by cutting the costs of raw materials and emissions.

The Lean Six Sigma Approach

A system of continuous improvement to optimize flow and reduce the variability of corporate processes, with the support of our Black Belt team.

Zero unusable refuse

Nothing goes to waste. We favor the use of materials that can be recovered.

Respect for the environment

We install new state-of-the-art furnaces and electrostatic filters to keep pace with the Kyoto protocol.

Careful use of resources

We reduce energy consumption using 30% recycled glass, recovering cooling water, and installing increasingly efficient machinery.

Safe work means something to us

We believe so strongly in safety that we have created a mark that signs all of our initiatives.


Iso 9001

Quality management system.  
Process certified ISO 9001

Iso 15593

Food Packaging 

Iso 15378

Pharmaceutical Packaging


Legal instruments of measurement