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Bormioli Rocco Design

Bormioli Rocco Design

The culture of the project builds the worth of the product.

We at Bormioli Rocco attend to the design that will become part of your experience at the table with great attention and care. Design for us means research, meticulous study of the productive possibilities, and innovation.

Our designers work constantly using a creative and planning process that is able to transform ideas and sensations into captivating forms and objects, always offering new solutions.

Cities and the people that live in them, nature and all its manifestations, international trends and the world of color are our principal sources of inspiration for gathering tendencies that stem from the world and reinterpreting them with an all Italian style and sensibility.

From the concept of the product to the first mark on paper, we go from idea to product. Liquid forms draw new objects through fluid transitions.

BR_Video_Flying objects

We follow and analyze international trends, research new shapes, colors and finishes. We interpret the tastes and the needs of people creating contemporary and timeless objects.

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