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In the 1940’s, this stencil was used to mark the carafes for the measurement of liquids. Today we can consider it the first Bormioli Rocco trademark in the modern era.


The first trademark was used at the end of the 1950’s to guarantee brand awareness of the products.


Sales activities carried out by agents on behalf of a principal begin, and throughout the 1970’s Bormioli Rocco is simplified and is colored with red.


1983: The famous Sambonet-Noorda-Menghi Studio creates the ‘Double Drop’ trademark, a symbol of the productive capacity and the true industrial status that Bormioli Rocco had achieved over time.


At the end of the 1990’s, the caption ‘Bormioli Rocco and Son’ is used again, the Group expands in Europe and a vertical line appears in the logo symbolizing a ‘boundary overcome’.


We are in the year 2004 and the logo follows the changes in the company and of the society. From the productive technique represented by the ‘Double Drop’, attention is moved to the final value, symbolized by the brilliance of the glass, which we at Bormioli Rocco call ‘sbrillo’ (extremely bright transparency).


Bormioli Rocco brings back archetype glass forms, and the bottom of the bottle inspires new traits. The letters seem to emerge from the glass and the sbrillo continuously accompanies the changes. A seal and a signature for new inspiration.