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Beer, explained (and drank) well

“Everybody’s got to believe in something. I believe I’ll have another beer…”
(Homer Simpson)

Water, malt, hops and yeast are the ingredients to prepare beer. But what are the origins of this drink and how did it come into our glasses as we know it?

Since the reign of ancient Egypt beer was very popular. They made a paste of ground barley, they washed and baked it, obtaining breads. These were then crumbled into the water and sweetened by sugar dates.
Its history goes through many cultures. For example, Babylonian. In the Hammurabi Code it was declared the death penalty to those who were guilty of watering down the beer. Among the people who appreciated it were the Gauls. These ancient inhabitants of France improved the beer manufacturing processes. They used hot stones for cooking and for the first time put the beer in barrels to rest. Finally they added hydromel as part of the wheat drink.

Beer has an ancient history, and arrives fresh and bubble on our table today. Italy had been present during the rise of beer.

Within a decade the small craft breweries have multiplied to meet an increasing public interest in this pleasant drink. As it has extended to the public and the production has grown, the pleasure of tasting has become increasingly professional and attentive.

Today there are many types of beer and Bormioli Rocco helps you recognize the ideal container to taste them. Beer Club is the collection of stemware and glasses designed by Bormioli Rocco to allow beer drinkers to enjoy every nuance of this versatile drink.

For each type there is a perfect container. The Stemware Ale and Executive chalices, from the characteristic shape of a tulip, facilitate the creation of bubbles.

They are suitable for aromatic beers with a and creamy lather, for example, the as Belgian Abbey. To enhance beers like Stout or Strong, we suggest the Goblet Snifter, ideal for sipping thicker beers.

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