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Brilliant lids in the kitchen and beyond!

The new Genietti lids bring a ton of new uses to our Quattro Stagioni world. From the grater to the cocktail lid you can get creative in every moment of your day!

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1:00 p.m.

Small but incredibly smart! The Genietti lids can serve many different purposes and your Quattro Stagioni jars can be transformed into new kitchen tools, depending on your needs, and will find a new place in your kitchen or table. Any time of the day is perfect for a small Genietti lid!

We thought about what you need while working in the kitchen: from the morning with the cocktail lid, which is the perfect top for smoothies and juices, to lunch time with the grater lid but also the salt&spice dispenser to season your favorite snack.

The chalkboard top is perfect to keep your pantry organized with names and dates…and is way better than the traditional chalkboard!

Have fun with the cocktail top and mount it on our Quattro Stagioni bottles to celebrate summer with a fun happy hour with friends and family. The lid can accommodate a colorful straw and you can play by matching it with napkins and tablecloths.

And then use the sieve to sprinkle your dessert with powdered sugar and enjoy a sweet moment at the end of your dinner.

Made of stainless steel the Genietti lids are not only good looking but also durable and will be able to turn your Quattro Stagioni jars into your best ally in the kitchen.

Follow out Table Story…new lids are coming up soon!

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