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Technical possibilities

Technical possibilities



Starting with a basic form, we were able to create an original object by working on the combination of two decoration techniques: spraying and serigraphy. A unique result with strong impact.

Customizable solutions are diverse: decoration on glass, coloring and personalized packaging.


1) Serigraphy: decoration for hollow and flat glass, very resistant with high image definition. Areas to be decorated according to the form of the object.

2) Spraying: Decoration of the external surface of the product with either transparent or opaque colors. Allows for chromatic flexibility: shading, iridescence, metallic effects.

3) Laser: Incision of the surface using laser rays, making it possible to create original decorations.

4) Frosting: an opaque effect of the external surface of the glass, obtainable with acids.

5) Total transfer: decorations for flat glass with application of the decoration in one solution. Extremely high decoration definition.

6) Decals: application of a previously created decoration onto the external surface of the glass. Extremely high decoration definition; photographic reproduction of the image.

7) Pad printing: decoration adaptable to irregular surfaces, with a large decorating area. Good decoration  definition.



Beginning with an existing product we can create a colored glass version within a range of colors.



We create the attire for your product proposing diverse packaging solutions, from dividable tubs to gift boxes, to on-pack and display box solutions.

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